Doing Business in China
You want to do business in China? What are the main problems you will be facing when doing business in China?
James Shen (L) Dom Tassone (R)

Size of the Chinese Market
The Chinese market is huge and you will be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of businesses, technologies, cities and provinces, contacts, government, agencies and officials, go-betweens and a host of potential problems you will come up against in China.

We will take the confusion out of your mind and connect you with the right people, businesses and places in China, we will also guide you through Chinese compliance and regulatory requirements and we will do it for you more quickly, more efficiently and more effectively saving you valuable time, money and resources in setting up your Chinese venture.

Australian Trade Mission with Dom Tassone, IIRD Manager of
Building and Construction Services in Zhenjiang

Foreign Companies 'losing out' in China
A recent article in the Financial Times (GB) stated that Foreign companies are losing market share in China across a broad range of industries because of discriminatory treatment by the government and regulators, according to the European Chamber of Commerce in China.

In its annual position paper, the organisation aired a host of complaints from its member companies and explicitly accused Beijing of violating its World Trade Organisation commitments through its heavy-handed certification requirements.

Compulsory certification in excess of what is reasonable is being used to keep foreigners out of the market and business licence requirements continue to exclude foreign companies from entire sectors,'the group said.

The information above paints a grim picture -- this is why you can rely on James Shen and the team at Australia China Gateway to give you trustworthy, reliable and ethical assistance and guidance as you commence the process of doing business in China.

Chinese Culture
There are over 100 dialects spoken in China, business is conducted in a different way in all seven major regions and Hong Kong. The Chinese have a totally different approach to business than their Western counterparts and they have a unique attitude ?often based on their customs ?which Westerners simply do not understand.

Were you aware that the word 'no' is not in the Chinese mindset. Just think of the problems that one word will cause! Lack of understanding leads to confusion, anger and ultimate business failure.

We will ensure there is a complete 'meeting of the minds' between you/your team and their Chinese contacts. We understand Chinese customs and will pass that understanding (what to do, how to tailor your approach and how to get the best results from every contact you make in China) to you.

Relationship Building and Networking in China
So, you think sitting down with Chinese counterparts, sharing a few drinks and a meal, will gain you the business in China? Think again.

If you fail to build relationships with the right Chinese business and government people and if you fail to build solid business networks (driven from the top down) your business venture in China will fail.

We will work with you and guide you through the maze of relationship building and networking to ensure you gain, quickly and effortlessly, acceptance, respect and trust at every level.

Communication Barriers in China
Tone of voice, rhythm, pace, inflection, words/word meanings, differing forms of eye contact and face saving gestures.

In China, it isn't just about cultural awareness, it is about the two-way communication process and how the wrong spoken word or gesture can ruin your business venture. Of equal importance is the communication process, is your level of approach. For instance, how do you relate to the managing director of the firm you want to deal with, how do you relate to the senior government official and how do you relate to the buyer or supplier of a potential business partner?

We guide you through the complexities of communicating in China at any level, in any given situation. Simple yet powerful communication advice and guidance that will gain you a successful outcome every single time.


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