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Are you seeking quality contacts in China ....

• to help your members grow their profits through sourcing new business opportunities?

• to gain new international members for your organisation?

James Shen, principal of Australia China Gateway, has successfully organised many business development opportunities in China through his many networks there - both in business and government.

In the words of John Moore, Chief Executive Officer of Summerfruit Australia (based in Albury, NSW):

Australia China Gateway is a personable, well resourced outfit and is a great saviour to expose the development opportunities through their intuitive executives to facilitate strategic opportunities for partnerships within China. A very brief business overview opened meaningful and fruitful developments. Congratulations to the dynamic team at Australia China Gateway.

If you are contemplating travel to China for any reason - contact James Shen today. You will be guaranteed professional, ethical and exclusive representation to bridge the gap between the cultures of Australia and China - saving you time and money and giving you a risk free introduction to selected high level contacts from James Shen's huge network.

Services Industries -- Opportunities in Nanjing
Nanjing is a regional centre for trade, logistics, tourism, exhibitions and finance and information services.
There are opportunities in Nanjing for organisations involved in service industries such as financial services, community services, education, cultural development and sporting activities.
If you are involved in any of the above industries, talk to James Shen today, for further information.

Multimedia Industry
There are numerous opportunities for companies in multimedia to establish successful operations in China.
Case Study: Sprocket Design www.xacorp.com set up a joint venture in china and named it XA Corporation. After a little over two years, XA Corporation is operating a profitable business in China and is now expanding into the US market (including a business partnership with IBM).

Dairy Industry
There are HUGE trade and business opportunities for people involved in the dairy industry in Australia, to become involved in joint ventures with Chinese dairy companies.
James Shen has the contacts who want to talk business.

Rice growing
Chinese Companies are currently looking for partners who can supply expertise in areas of logistics, packaging and storage.

Further Opportunities in China -- various geographical locations
Eight New Fields: new energy, new material, bio-pharmaceutics, new optoelectronics industry, environment protection equipment, aerospace, rail transportation equipment and advanced ship-building are seeking to conduct joint ventures with Australian Companies.
Ten Industrial Chains: Flat panel displays, integrated circuits, communications, photovoltaic, petrochemical, automobile, iron and steel, and wind power generation equipment, rail transportation equipment and electrical equipment are seeking to conduct joint ventures with Australian Companies.

Four Pillar Industries seeking Investment Partners in Innovative Technology
Electronics and Information Industry: focusing on developing 6 industrial groups: new flat panel display products, communication products, software and system integration products, computer and associated peripheral products, information and home appliance products and new electronic component products.

Automobile Industry: taking midrange cars as a masterstroke, trucks and key components as a sideline, promoting joint ventures with international automobile giants and integrating them into international automobile industrial chains.

Petrochemical Industry: by 2010, developing fine chemical products on a large scale, including 3 million tons of ethylene, 40 million tons of refined oil as well as acetic acid and chlor-alkali.

Steel and Iron industry: by 2010, forming capacity of 12 million tons of steel, including 2 million special steel.

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