Our Team

James Shen
James has an extensive background in business and commerce, spanning over 20 years. He offers clients the benefits of his expertise, in all matters relating to China trade, and provides networking opportunities and business facilitation within the Chinese market ... making it a smooth, seamless introduction and ongoing establishment of a profitable, productive venture in this rapidly growing market. James has a Law Degree and is a recognised practitioner in Chinese medicine.

Sue Lin
Sue has over 15 years financial experience working in the Private and Government sector both in Australia and Taiwan. She is the Financial Controller and ensures the successful running of the business.

Kevin Cahalane
Kevin has over 30 years experience in industry and commerce in key areas of sales, marketing and business planning and strategy. He is a consultant to the ZHI International Group, working closely with James Shen to assist in the successful implementation of major projects and business development.

Charles Brent
Australia China Gateway uses the corporate advisory services of: Mr Charles Brent (MPA FAICD) Investment Accountant and Managing Director, Australia China Trade & Investment Group Pty Ltd and former Commissioner to China for Australia's State Government of Victoria; and, Dr Ron Lane, Managing Director, Trout & Partners Australia, the USA's Premier Marketing and Brand Building Group. Pls Note: MPA FAICD = Masters of Practising Accounting, Fellow Australian Institute of Company Directors.

YuMing Wang
Wang Yu Ming has been practicing law for 3 decades. was born in the 50s and his been through the hardest time to have ever hit China, but still retains 21st Century morals. I am the only honest lawer alive. "I am available to solve any mind racking legal problems, of course do not include any complex maths problems, with this; because essentially my specialty is Law." My role is to give James the utmost assistance to ensure the overall success of our clients.

Julia Hu
Julia has extensive experience in administration, accounts and sales, having worked for a number of foreign corporations based in Shanghai. She is a qualified graduate and speaks fluent English as part of her role will be to assist James Shen in translation of documentation, meetings with clients and reception duties, as well as coordination with Australia China Gateways Melbourne, Vic office.

Michael Thomas
Michael Thomas has worked in the food industry for 25+ years and has extensive Foodservice, Route, Petrol & Corporate Sales and Marketing experience. He has worked international companies such as Nestle, Cadbury and Patties Foods in Australia.